Action Figure Overview: Princess Leia Organa (Boushh Disguise) (Kenner, 1983)

Princess Leia Organa in her Boushh disguise (Kenner, 1983)

From 1978 until 1982, I spent the vast majority of my free time playing with Star Wars figures.  I rarely acted out scenes from the movie and instead created all kinds of new adventures for these awesome characters.  At some point in 1982, I got my first GI Joe figures and my attention was split between the two toy lines, but when figures started arriving for Return of the Jedi in 1983, I was excited about Star Wars again in anticipation of the new movie!  Before I ever saw Return of the Jedi, I got my first new figure (General Madine) and scoured the package for any clues about the next installment of my favorite film franchise.

Princess Leia or is this Boushh?

Another of the earliest figures from the upcoming movie to join my ranks was Princess Leia in her Boushh disguise.  The figure and the photo on the package intrigued me.  I couldn't even imagine what strange and bizarre stories could lead Leia to wear such an odd costume.  The photo on the package must certainly offer some kind of clues, right?  And what about the figures on the back of the card?  Would I find answers here or just more questions about this upcoming installment?  If these figures were released ahead of the film to tease me into wanting to see the movie, the plan was working!

My original 1983 Boushh Princess Leia and package!

Princess Leia in her Boushh disguise came with a removable helmet and a crazy long gun.  She seemed to be wearing some kind of fascinating armor; and based on the word "Disguise" in the figure's title, I could only assume that she would be involved in a riveting covert mission in Return of the Jedi.  Even though I had only seen a handful of the new figures, the arrival of these mysterious characters and puzzling new costumes for some of my old favorites was enough to fully restore my interest in my old Star Wars toys.  I was eager to see the latest film and created new adventures with these cool figures while I waited impatiently for my opportunity to see Return of the Jedi!

Princess Leia crosses the Dune Sea on Tatooine

Of course, once I finally did see the film, it was a different outfit worn by Leia that really got my attention!  Still, the scenes with Leia in her Boushh disguise did not disappoint and neither did any of the action that took place at Jabba's Palace or on the Sail Barge.  Leia's Boushh disguise action figure looks surprisingly similar to the costume in the movie!  In fact, most of the figures looked a lot like their on-screen counterparts.  I thought Return of the Jedi was amazing and I'll admit, even though I might have been a little bit older than the target audience for the Ewoks, I even thought they were great.

The Princess Leia Boushh figure matched the costume in the film well!

After seeing Return of the Jedi, I continued to play with Star Wars toys for a little while longer.  Leia rarely used her giant gun, but she did wear the helmet a good bit...often playing the role of an entirely different character in my adventures.  I ended up with most of the 1983 figures and about half of the figures that came out in 1984.  But as my interest in GI Joe grew, I found myself spending less and less time playing with Star Wars figures until they rarely came out of their case.  My dog chewed up Squid Head and some of the last few figures have become pretty sticky, but I still have all of my figures and accessories from Return of the Jedi safely stored in their vinyl case with two dark red trays.  I'm pretty sure I have all of their card backs as well.

Princess Leia Organa (Boushh Disguise)

In recent years, I've been getting them out more often and I've even picked up a few figures that I never had as a kid.  They certainly do bring back memories of spending lazy afternoons lying on the floor, fully engrossed in making up all kinds of stories for my little plastic friends to act out.  I can't imagine growing up at a more perfect time than the late 70s and early 80s with the coolest toys and some of the best movies ever made!

Closeup of Princess Leia without her Boushh helmet

Did you have any figures from Return of the Jedi as a kid?  If so, who was your favorite figure?  Tell me in the comments below!

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