Action Figure Overview: Han Solo in Hoth Outfit (Kenner, 1980)


Han Solo in Hoth Outfit Kenner 1980
Han Solo in Hoth Outfit Kenner 1980

Just like most boys I knew growing up in the early 1980s, I loved Kenner's Star Wars figures.  I absolutely loved the movie Star Wars and the release of The Empire Strikes Back in early 1980 was a very big deal to me.  Some of my favorite scenes were on the ice planet Hoth.  With that in mind, it should be no surprise that when the first ten figures arrived for The Empire Strikes Back, the Hoth themed figures were some of my favorites.  Since I was a fan of Han Solo, getting a figure of Han in his Hoth outfit was amazingly cool!

Han Solo Hoth action figure 1980
Han Solo out on patrol on the ice planet Hoth!

I would have been happy to get any new figure of Han Solo back then and I would have been excited about any figure from Hoth, but even if I'd never seen The Empire Strikes Back and even if I didn't know who Han Solo was, I think I still would have liked this figure just because I thought he looked so cool.  If I'd gotten him a couple of years later, you probably could have convinced me that he was a figure from John Carpenter's 'The Thing' or some other movie and I still would have thought he was great!  But being such a fan of Star Wars, I knew exactly who this was!  Along with a couple of Hoth Rebel Soldiers, I was ready to take my figures on a brand new set of icy adventures!

Vintage Kenner Hoth action figures
Vintage Kenner Hoth Rebel Action Figures

My Hoth Han Solo had a couple of small paint differences that made him more unique.  There was a bit of flesh color paint on his hood, which didn't bother me, but made it clear which one was mine if there was ever another kid playing with his Hoth Han at the same time.  Mine also had a small dot of black paint under his right eye, which either made it look like he was crying or like he had a scar...depending on the situation.

Vintage Kenner Han Solo Hoth Outfit 1980
The paint flaws that made my Hoth Han Solo unique!

This version of Han Solo came with the same blaster as the Han Solo figure from the first movie.  One of my favorite aspects of this figure was that you could put his gun in his holster.  I guess technically, it wasn't "in" his holster, it was just kind of attached to the side of his holster, but either way, I thought that was awesome!  I don't know if Kenner did this intentionally or if it was just a coincidence, but regardless of the reason, I though it was great!

1980 Kenner Star Wars Figure Han Solo Hoth Outfit
A view of my Hoth Han Solo action figure from all sides

More Hoth figures came out with each new Empire Strikes Back release.  In 1981 we got the Hoth Leia and the Rebel Commander.  Then in 1982, Kenner released an official Luke Skywalker in Hoth Battle Gear!  I had a platoon of Imperial Storm Troopers in Hoth Battle Gear as well, so there was no shortage of bad guys for my rebels to fight!

vintage Kenner Hoth Rebel Troops with Han Solo
Hoth Rebel Troops at Echo Base!

When the Bespin Han came out in 1981, he became my new, main 'Han Solo' figure, but I continued to include my Hoth Han in the adventures and would sometimes pretended he was a different guy.  My Hoth Han Solo was easily one of my favorite Star Wars figures and saw a lot of action over the years!

Hoth Han Solo Star Wars figure vintage Kenner
Hoth Han Solo out in the snow!

Did you have any figures from The Empire Strikes Back as a kid?  If so, who was your favorite figure?  Tell me in the comments below!

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