Action Figure Overview: Masters of the Universe MegaConstrux - Scareglow (Mega Construx, 2018)

The original Masters of the Universe toys first came out in 1982.  Each year, new figures were introduced all the way through 1988.  The character "Scare Glow" was part of the sixth wave of figures which was the last full wave of figures that came out in 1987.  Scare Glow's gimmick, aside from being an awesome skeleton, was that he glowed in the dark.  As a kid, I never knew about him.  Apparently, a lot of people didn't know about him at the time and only discovered him when they returned to the line as adults.  Because Masters of the Universe was winding down by the sixth wave, not as many figures were produced and many of the figures from this wave are more difficult to find.  Scare Glow is one of the most difficult to find and because he is so cool, he's also in demand which means an original, vintage Scare Glow figure is very expensive these days.

When the series was re-launched in 2002, many of the vintage characters were released with a new look, but Scare …

G.I. Joe: Cobra C.L.A.W. / Covert Light Aerial Weapon (Hasbro, 1984)

When G.I. Joe re-launched in the 3 3/4" scale in 1982, I thought they were the most amazing toys that I had ever seen!  When I saw the first wave figures and toys on the shelves, I wanted every G.I. Joe piece that Hasbro made.  Waves two and three seemed just as appealing; although I have to admit that I didn't play much with the S.H.A.R.K. and the Deep Six figure sucked.  The G.I. Joe Slugger and Cobra A.S.P. didn't see much action at my house either.  But in 1984 the Cobra C.L.A.W. was a definitely "Must Have" vehicle for me!  It was one of the vehicles from wave 3 that I played with a good bit!  

The C.L.A.W. (or Covert Light Aerial Weapon) was a Cobra air vehicle that could either be piloted by a person or controlled remotely like a drone.  When piloted by a person, there wasn't much protection for the pilot...not that Cobra really cared much about that.  However, the advantage to this vehicle was that it was small enough to make it difficult to pick up o…

Action Figure Overview: Masters of the Universe Classics - Power-Con Prince Adam (Super7, 2017)

The Masters of the Universe Classics line started in 2008 and it's one of my favorite modern action figure lines.  Although there were a few quality issues throughout the line, the figures were overall well made and certainly had much better articulation than the vintage figures.  Just as importantly, the figures look so ridiculously cool!  A friend of mine told me that the Masters of the Universe Classics figures look in reality just like what the vintage figures looked through the filter of his imagination.  We weren't alone in thinking they were cool figures.  The line was very successful!

In fact, the Classics line was so successful that it included new versions of all of the vintage Masters of the Universe figures as well as the Princess of Power line, many variant figures, and characters from the cartoon and mini-comics that were never released before.  One example that covers both variation figures and characters from the mini-comics would be the 2017 Power-Con 3-pack th…

Action Figure Overview: Golden Girl and the Guardians of the Gemstones - Vultura (Galoob, 1984)

Mattel had phenomenal success with their Masters of the Universe line starting in 1982.  In 1984,  Galoob's sword and sorcery line 'Golden Girl and the Guardians of the Gemstones' was released to serve as a companion series to The Masters of the Universe, but targeted towards girls.  Mattel's own "She-Ra" line would serve essentially the same purpose shortly after and, in the long run, achieve much more success.  However, despite Mattel's application for the She-Ra trademark being filed about a week before Galoob's application for the Golden Girl trademark (She-Ra trademark filed on Oct. 23, 1984 vs. Golden Girl trademark filed on Nov. 2, 1984), Golden Girl was able to beat She-Ra to the stores.

At about 6" tall, the Golden Girl figures were slightly taller than the female Masters of the Universe characters Teela and Evil-Lyn, but they were clearly designed to go along with the Masters of the Universe figures.  There is a very common and understan…

Action Figure Overview: The Spiderwick Chronicles - Red Cap (Irwin, 2007)

In 2003, "The Field Guide," the first book of The Spiderwick Chronicles,  was released.  The basic premise of the series is that a young boy moves with his family into a creepy old house and discovers a book chronicling the world of fairies, goblins, and other mythical creatures which leads him to discovering the creatures first hand.  Numerous books were released in the successful series and in 2008, Nickelodeon Movies produced a film based on the books. 

Due to the success of the books and the expected success of the movie, Irwin acquired the license to manufacture a series of action figures that would be based on characters from The Spiderwick Chronicles Movie.  The series included four figures: Jared Grace, Hogsqueal, Red Cap, and Mulgarath.  Although the movie did very well, the toys didn't sell as expected. Now, this obscure line of toys has become relatively difficult to find and as a result, the figures often command high prices.

One of the prominent characters in …

Star Wars: Mini Rig, MLC-3 - Mobile Laser Cannon (Kenner, 1981)

I loved Kenner's Star Wars figures the minute I first saw them!  I picked up every different figure that I could get my hands on from the first couple of waves.  By the time The Empire Strikes Back action figures were arriving in stores in early 1980, Star Wars figures had become the main toys that I played with and I was very excited about the new toys and the new movie.  After seeing The Empire Strikes Back, I was even more excited!

I loved the scenes on the ice planet Hoth and wanted any figures that related to that part of the movie.  I also really wanted a Snow Speeder...and anything else from Hoth...but mainly a Snow Speeder!  Unfortunately, the prices on toys was going up because the cost of plastic had been rising.  I was super lucky to get the Snow Speeder for Christmas, but there were so many Hoth related vehicles and playsets that I couldn't get them all.

Kenner knew the increase in prices was going to affect sales of their vehicles and playsets, so they decided to tr…

Action Figure Overview: G.I. Joe - Viper, Cobra Infantry (Hasbro, 1986)

When the first wave of the G.I. Joe relaunch in 3 3/4" scale arrived in stores in 1982, I thought they were the most amazing action figures that I had ever seen!  I wanted every G.I. Joe figure that I could get my hands on and even to this day, that first wave includes some of my favorite figures!  As subsequent waves arrived, Hasbro offered more and more toy awesomeness with a few clunkers here and there.  But mostly, the figures that arrived each year gave me plenty of opportunity to add to my G.I. Joe and Cobra armies!

When the fifth wave was released in 1986, there were a couple of figures that didn't appeal to me at all, but there were also a few that I just had to have!  The Cobra Vipers were on the short list of my personal favorites from this wave!  I thought these guys were so awesome looking that I wanted a few of them.  Although I wasn't able to build an army of Vipers, I was fortunate enough to get one.

In most cases, the figures that seemed farthest from realit…