Action Figure Overview: Star Wars - Ugnaught (Kenner, 1981)

Star Wars Ugnaught action figure (Kenner, 1981)

The original 12 Kenner Star Wars figures from the 1970s changed the toy industry.  They were awesome and I still like every single one.  But the problem with having a popular toy line based on a movie is there are only so many characters from the movie that can be released.  After action figures had been made of the main characters, Kenner started looking at alternate costumes and background characters.  In my opinion, there really wasn't a single bad action figure from the first Star Wars movie, but we weren't as lucky with Empire Strikes Back.

In Star Wars Lore, the Ugnaughts species 
were scattered across the universe.

We did get some great figures in later waves. The extremely cool Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot was the last action figure from The Empire Strikes Back a couple of years after the first wave came out.  Also, the two bounty hunters, 4-LOM and Zuckuss were only in the movie for a few seconds and didn't really do anything, so they weren't at the top of Kenner's list, but when they finally did come out, they made great action figures!  On the other hand, my Ugnaught action figure didn't see much action.

Ugnaught on his way to work

As a kid, the Ugnaughts just seemed like very short, grumpy old men busily going about their daily work while the fate of the universe was being shaped around them.  I wanted all of the Star Wars figures back then and, although I didn't have them all, I did have an Ugnaught.  I'm not sure why I chose him over my other options, but maybe he was a gift or maybe there weren't any better figures the day that I got him.  Regardless, he hung around with my Star Wars figures, but mostly just stood in the background and didn't do much of anything.

My childhood Ugnaught
complete with hole in apron from dog bite!

The Ugnaught action figure came with a white toolkit accessory.  I used to think of it as a lunchbox.  I'm pretty sure that I referred to it as a lunchbox as soon as I got the figure.  Although the guns and lightsabers were obviously cooler accessories, this unique piece was a welcome accessory for my Star Wars figures because there could be anything in there!  Maybe it was a bomb, maybe it was secret documents that Han Solo had to steel from the Empire, maybe it was Luke's lunch.

Ugnaught with his tool kit / lunchbox

With The Mandalorian TV show featuring a likable Ugnaught character named "Kuiil," I wonder if people will start picking up the old figures to make customs?  So far, it seems like you can still find the vintage figures easily for under $10, but Kuiil has certainly made me re-think the desirability of Ugnaught action figures when I see them available for sale.

Did you have an Ugnaught action figure as a kid?  If so, what did you think of him?  Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. Cool photos man! I never had one, but Mando customs are a great idea.

    1. I'd like to see a collection of vintage figures used to make custom figures from The Mandalorian!


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